My OUGN17 review: Oracle User Group Norway Spring Seminar 2017

In recent days I had the honor of being accepted to give a talk in one of the most relevant events within the Oracle community in Europe, and in particular, the Nordic countries, it is Spring Seminar 2017 organized by the Oracle user group in Norway. In this post I will then give you an overview of the things I lived and the great experience that left me as a professional, but also as a first-time visitor to a country as incredible as Norway is.

This is a technology event that not only brings together the world experts of various tracks of Oracle offering very good talks, but also represents a great experience because of the venue in which it takes place, nothing less than an offshore boat that sails from Oslo, Norway, to Kiel, Germany, and back to Oslo, on a journey lasting a couple of days.

During these days the event takes place, this one in particular was very representative for the user group since it commemorated its 10th anniversary, in such a way that they did not skimp on organization and details, which gave it a very special touch.

The ship, or rather the cruise ship, began to sail leaving the beautiful and sober city of Oslo behind, and on its way it is almost impossible to look away from the windows as it traverses the magnificent Norwegian Fjords, which, despite being the month of March, they are still covered in white by the snow of the previous night.

More than 300 attendees gathered witnessed the first activities such as the keynote and welcome by the team, in an elegant and bright auditorium. Unfortunately I could not understand much, except for some translations in which we were supported by friends, since these talks were given in Norwegian, however that did not reduce the possibility to have a good time, to take lunch and to know a little more about the way in which the Nordics do things.

At about 2 pm the technical talks began, an agenda full of interesting topics covered tracks such as Database, Middleware, Java, Cloud, Big Data, among others, which made it difficult to decide which of the 117 sessions to enter.

Without a shred of doubt, the sessions I attended left me a very good experience, but beyond that, with curiosity and desire to delve into the issues that are of broad and current interest in that region of the world.

Topics like Docker, Puppet, DevOps, SOA, Microservices, Kubernetes, Kafka, Cloud Patterns, etc. Are those that captured my attention, and were taught by people I admire for their experience and knowledge, and also, unknowingly on many occasions, I have read their blogs, publications and books during my professional career, which makes me feel extremely privileged and excited to meet them once again. Among them, there were experts from countries like Germany, Holland, Norway, England, United States, India, among others, but Latin America was not far behind, three representatives from Mexico, two from Uruguay and one from Peru, we put the touch of Spanish, which is to say that it gives us great presence in the old continent.

On the second day, we disembarked for a few hours in Kiel, a small town located in the north of Germany, residing on the shores of the Baltic Sea, it has been one of the main German naval bases since the 1860s, so that even a submarine and several Military ships passed near our boat.

It was time for my session, with a bit of nervousness for being my first time to give a talk in English, in Europe, with a room full of spectators eager to know about the subject, but with an additional factor, several of the experts which I mentioned before, came in to support, but also with curiosity in my session, is not it something that would make anyone nervous?

Fortunately, I survived without any further setback, except I forgot half the things I wanted to say. I must admit that the best of those 45 minutes was that I found myself enjoying talking about SOA, and I also have to thank the great audience that I had, wich besides not throwing me tomatoes, were all the time attentive and receptive to my words.

The next thing for me, and for the rest of the audience, was to enjoy the shows, to enjoy the company of old friends and to get to know new people in the community even more, which has been a great way of learning and growing in recent years, not only in technical issues but also in my life in general.

After two days of conferences, the event closed with a DJ and a saxophonist (ex Oracle guys) who put a good atmosphere on the dance floor in a very European style, while the laughter and the talks between friends did not miss.

Something that surprised me very pleasantly was the way in which the members of the user group work hard to make this event happen, and that in addition, people from different companies, particularly software consultancies, came together as part of this community, they recognize each other and collaborate by providing their support in a peaceful way and without protagonism or rivalries, something that I hardly see in my country.

This is how this adventure in Norway ended to me, I was totally satisfied, surprised by the great logistics and detail they put in this event, but above all, very grateful, both with the attendees and with the user group that allowed me the honor of having a space for my session. I hope I have another opportunity for next year.

Thank you OUGN!


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